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Digital Transformation Initiatives and Deployment of Digital Solutions

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Digital Transformation Initiatives and Deployment of Digital Solutions

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An Insurance Webinar

Insurance industry is at a constant challenge to address higher operational efficiency, increased sales productivity across its sales channels whilst struggling to maintain legacy core technology. With the fact that we are facing an era of a new normal coupled with consumers that are increasingly digital savvy, insurance companies are rapidly pursuing digital transformation initiatives in order to keep up with the market demand.

iMocha, a digital solution provider for insurance market for the past 13 years, together with Alibaba Cloud aims to collaborate with you on digital transformation initiatives and deployment of digital solutions. We can work with you from concept to implementation using our modular solution approach to help your drive better efficiency or to increase revenue.

At this webinar, we would highlight on how our solutions that can drive your agency sales productivity, better policy servicing or even modernizing your legacy core applications with lower risk and a manageable capital investment.

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Who is iMOCHA?
iMocha is a technology and innovation company focusing on banking, insurance and also the fintech industry. Founded in 2008 by former bankers and consultants within the industry, iMocha has a deep understanding of financial services processes, operations, infrastructure and integration expertise that enable the delivery of innovative solutions catered for the needs of the industry. iMocha is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and the solutions are developed locally in line with the current technology standards, on-prem or on cloud.
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