Free Scale Venture 2024

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Scale Venture 2024

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Scale Venture 2024

Alibaba Cloud
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ScaleVenture - An insightful networking event

This event, jointly hosted by Alibaba Cloud, EDNS, EMERGE, DIFY, SME Centre@ASME, Startup junkie, One2Cloud, Farquhar VC, Pollinate, Block71 Singapore by NUS Enterprise and NTUitive, aims to offer valuable insights primarily to startups and SMEs, helping them stay abreast of evolving business practices and the 2024 landscape. We are also here to offer cutting-edge marketing and business support solutions, ensuring businesses have a seamless journey in 2024. Additionally, it serves as a platform for businesses to discover all their growth needs.

Cloud - Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Keynote Speaker:
Chng Yong - Channel Manager

​Panel Discussion Topic:
2024 Digital Marketing Trends, Scaling Success Strategies, personal journeys, lessons learned, and advice for successful startups

Panel Speakers:
Ethan Tan - Director, Startup Junkie SG Pte Ltd
Kat Neo - Deputy Director, Venture Building, Ntuitive Pte Ltd
Daniel Tan - Assistant Business Development Manager, Team Leader, ACTA
Jason - Director/Chief Investment Officer, Farquhar VC

Panel Moderator:
Marjorie Poon -nCo-Founder and Managing Director of DIFY | Deputy CEO of EMERGE Group

​Event Rundown:
Registration: 2PM
Opening: 2.30PM
Alibaba Cloud Keynote: 2.35PM
Panel Discussion: 2.50PM
Networking and breakout room (SME Centre@ASME): 3.20PM
Event Duration: 2PM - 6PM

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