Free Alibaba Cloud Day - FinTech Networking

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Alibaba Cloud Day - FinTech Networking

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Day - FinTech Networking

Alibaba Cloud
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Join us for an afternoon of banter, business and beers!

On 4 November, Friday, in partnership with Fortinet, Oceanbase, Orca, and Asiapac, we will be hosting a networking session during the Singapore FinTech Week.

Agenda :
  • 3:00pm - 3:15pm | Registration
  • 3:15pm - 3:20pm | Welcome Remarks
    by Chonladet Khemarattana, President of Thai Fintech Association
  • 3:20pm - 4.00pm | Panel Discussion: How to Control Your Burn Rate while Building a Sustainable and Secured Environment
  • In times of today’s ever-evolving disruptive and volatile business environment, having a handle on your cash management metrics is increasingly vital to look ahead at the business’ runway, manage burn rate and strategise the IT Security business sustainably.
    This session will deep-dive into tell-tale signs by looking at SaaS burn rate and key considerations IT Security Business leaders should take caution of:

    • - How you should be keeping abreast of your marketing position against the competition? Otherwise, if you are undergoing market expansion, is your revenue outpacing your burn rate?
    • - What are your strategies to avoid big churns? Are you looking for ways to factor, reduce or defer expenses and debts/loans, or more specifically forego unprofitable services/products?
    • - Why it is important to be efficient, i.e. focusing on your business's core competencies rather than trying to be a jack of all trades?
    • - How to strike a balance against all competing business priorities: Do you hold off major purchases, raise additional funds or implement a company-wide pay cut?
    • - Are you investing in the right talent/team to drive the right value for your business? What type of staffing can be outsourced/ contracted to manage OpEx?
    • - How agile is the management in adapting to changes whilst still focusing on the company’s overall mission & ultimate growth strategy?
    • - How much time does it take to onboard Orca to start scanning? With Orca, do you need to deploy agents to discover the risks in the cloud? How much is the impact on Workload during side-scanning?
    • - How should companies think about optimising their IT spending in the face of a weak economic outlook?
    • - What are some predictions with regard to the database industry?
    • - What should Fintech companies consider if they want to go into the Chinese market?
    • - From Fortinet point of view as a cybersecurity technology company, does the adoption of cloud services trend has significant impact on the security practices and approaches?
    • - From Fortinet point of view, what are the common mistakes cloud subscribers make that potentially expose their cloud infrastructure to cyber incidents?
    • - What are the common challenges faced by cloud subscribers especially those who has hybrid and multi cloud environment?
    • Speakers:

      • - Tesvin Choon, Senior Business Development Manager, Fortinet

      • - Eric lim, General Manager APAC, Oceanbase

      • - JK Tan, Country Manager, Orca

      • - Edy Susanto, Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud

      • - Alok Rajiv, CTO & Founder, Trames (moderator)

      4:00pm onwards | Networking Session

Our speakers:

JK Tan, Country Manager, Orca

  • - After graduating with a 1st Class Honour from Nanyang Technological University in 1996, majoring in Telecommunications, JK Tan has been helping small innovative start-up companies to expand their business in APAC. The various start-up companies that JK had joined included SmartTrust ( dealing with SIM Card Security and applications), and First Hop ( Finnish Startup that helps to secure and manage SMS-based applications efficiently). Before joining Orca Security in March 2022 as a Senior Sales Director, JK had been with Akamai since 2015 during which he had helped to grow the business for DNS and DNS-based security applications across the SE Asia region.

Eric Lim, General Manager APAC, Oceanbase

  • - Eric Lim has over 16 years of experience in commercial development within the technology industry and currently leads Ant Group's OceanBase business in APAC. Prior to joining OceanBase, Eric came from Amazon Web Services where he leads Startup ISV Partnership in ASEAN and has worked with various corporations within artificial intelligence, B2B enterprise solutions as well as co-founded 2 startups. He is passionate about technology, its transformational potential as well as enjoys golfing as a hobby. Eric holds a Master of Business Administration with Merits from National University of Singapore.

Edy Susanto, Director of Business Development, Alibaba Cloud Singapore

  • - Edy Susanto is a Regional Business Development lead for FSI sector in Alibaba Cloud, with over 10 years’ experience in the IT Industry doing business development and Solution Sales mainly in FSI sector. At Alibaba Cloud, Edy helps strategize solutions to address customers concerns and challenges such as regulatory compliance in FSI sector.

Tesvin Choon, Senior Business Development Manager, Fortinet

  • - With the rapid adoption of cloud, Tesvin is on a journey to ensure the security aspect is taken care of. He takes care of the Cloud Security in Fortinet (Asean + Hong Kong), working closely with Cloud providers and partners to architect secured cloud infrastructure for their customers.
    With 15 years’ experience in the IT Industry Spanning across Cloud, security and SI industries, Tesvin has experiences in Cloud computing, Smart nation solutions, 5G and Data Center.

Alok Rajiv, CIO, Trames

  • - Technical co-founder to Trames - part of 500startups Global Launch SF Batch 2, a supply chain orchestration technology company with the key mission to create a streamlined and unified platform for shippers and their logistics partners to collaborate digitally.

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