Free Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit Frankfurt 2019


Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit Frankfurt 2019

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit Frankfurt 2019

Alibaba Cloud
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Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit Frankfurt on June 26, 2019

Alibaba Cloud is committed to building strong partnerships with leading international cloud service operators via the Alibaba Cloud Partner Network. It offers various programs that strengthen and develop new relationships. One of the key functions of Alibaba Cloud Partner Network is to provide a platform where partners can interact and leverage each other’s strengths, while building successful businesses around Alibaba Cloud's state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.

The first ever Alibaba Cloud Partner Summit is coming to Frankfurt, and we cordially invite you to be part of it.

Aimed at accelerating success for our partners, the day will feature sessions on Alibaba Cloud's latest innovations, differentiated value propositions, sales enablement training, and hands-on solution training.

Date: June 26 2019
Times: 09:30 to 15.30 with opportunity for 1-1 meeting afterwards
Location: Design Offices Frankfurt Wiesenhüttenplatz
Wiesenhüttenplatz 25,60329, Frankfurt