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Transforming Your Business with Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Computing technologies are helping businesses reduce IT cost by 61% with 64% higher performance in IT infrastructure and 54% improved security.

Alibaba Cloud, one of the largest public cloud providers globally, provides an intriguing, agile and scalable cloud platform for digital transformation. Alibaba Cloud works with IT providers, ISVs, and SIs to help local businesses drive digital transformation and thrive in their markets through technical and sales enablement, regardless of the industry.

Join us at this exclusive meetup to get introduced to Alibaba Cloud technology innovations and business transform success stories.

Venue Partner: Zone Startups India

Tushar Beriwal / Rohit Singh - Mumbai Community Lead - Introducing Alibaba Cloud Mumbai Community
Nathan Huang - Senior Operations Lead - The Journey of Alibaba Cloud
Biplab Paul - Regional Marketing Manager - Next Step with Alibaba Cloud
Prabhjot Bakshi - MVP - Alibaba Cloud - Hands-on with Alibaba Cloud

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