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As part of the India CTO Club, we will invite 15 CTOs from India to Hangzhou and brief them about our solutions.

As part of the CTO Club, we will invite 15 GC6/GC7 customers/prospects. Here are the key objectives of the event:
Alibaba Culture: We will generate awareness about the Alibaba Culture with the customers. This will help customers understand the commitment we have towards them and towards the Alibaba group values.

Pipeline building: Engage with customers who have potential to become GC6/GC7 and develop pipeline. We expect this activity to deliver a pipeline of 50 mil RMB.

Executive level connect: At the event, we will facilitate engagement between our senior leadership team including Jeff Zhang (President of Alibaba Cloud),Xiaoxie, Selina, Alex Li and other leaders from Alibaba Cloud leadership and key business units(President or CTO of Tmall, Hema, Cainiao). Our leaders will share Alibaba strategy including the Cloud strategy to the customers. This is also a forum where customer leaders with interact with each other. The present satisfied customers will share their stories and help new customers gain more confidence on Alibaba Cloud.

Influence upsell: Most CTOs would have less idea of Alibaba Cloud’s capabilities, this activity will help us build their confidence so that they can sponsor Alibaba Cloud within their organizations. This will help influence upsell.