Free Revealing Cloud solution in VFX industry

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Revealing Cloud solution in VFX industry

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Revealing Cloud solution in VFX industry

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Alibaba Cloud and XTFX cordially invite you to drop by for food, drinks and networking at Alibaba's headquarters in Covent Garden, London.

As one of the world's most recognised digital production studios which has created animation and visual effects for award-winning films including Peter Rabbit, The LEGO Movie 2, Captain Marvel and Happy Feet, Animal Logic requires a high-performance cloud storage platform that can quickly scale up for backup requirements, especially during peak production periods, in which 150TB of data can be generated in a 24-hour period.

Animal Logic required a partner that could not only provide them with secure data protection capabilities but also secure backup solutions for the increasingly large amount of data generated within a short period of time.

Recently, Alibaba Cloud and Animal Logic have announced a partnership to meet the growing and demanding requirements of media production. Animal Logic has started backing-up its on-premise production content onto Alibaba Cloud's world-class computing platform.

Want to join our seasonal gathering to hear more about the partnership behind Alibaba Cloud and Animal Logic, and reveal the innovating cloud solution behind the VFX industry? Come to join us! Register now to hear how these can benefit your business.