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Alibaba Cloud Bootcamp - Networking Solutions

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Bootcamp - Networking Solutions

Alibaba Cloud
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Hands-on Workshop on Simplifying Alibaba Cloud Networking

Alibaba Cloud invites our existing customers and cloud enthusiast to join us in Alibaba Cloud Bootcamp series. In these specially curated bootcamp, you will have opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Alibaba Cloud technologies as well as gain insights with hands-on and followed by a certification to showcase your skills in the topic.

In the first of this series, we will help you simplify the Cloud Networking Principles. Join us and become an expert with Alibaba Cloud.

Workshop Outline

  • Apsara Network Services Portfolios
  • Networking with VPC
  • What is Express Connect and how it works
  • VPN Gateway and how it works
  • Introduction to load balancing
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB components
  • Use SLB for disaster tolerance
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB security

Important: Please register now and secure your seats. There are very limited seats so advance registration is a must.

Health Advisory: If you are carrying any symptoms of cough, cold or flu, please cancel your registration proactively. Otherwise, you may be denied entry due to guidelines from authorities.