Free Driving business value from Big Data

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Driving business value from Big Data

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Driving business value from Big Data

Alibaba Cloud
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Practical applications of using big data for your business

Do you have an overload of data and can’t work out how to make use of it?

Some 59% of organisations believe they lack the capabilities to generate meaningful business insights from their data and more than 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, making it particularly precarious to process and manage.

Join Alibaba Cloud for a meaningful discussion on how we can help you drive value from the data you are creating. Hear how Alibaba Cloud are helping others across the region to deliver value for their organization and customers.

What you will gain from the session:

·        How and why to look at Big Data processing to analyze your stored and real-time data.

·        Insight into creating and managing container clusters quickly, cheaply and securely.

·        New ideas for generating value from the data you create

·        Live demo of DataV – Alibaba Cloud’s visualization tool to enhance the way you visualise data

Working Lunch will be provided - Limited seats available.