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Alibaba Cloud Online Certification - Big Data

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Alibaba Cloud Online Certification - Big Data

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Alibaba Cloud Online Training & Certification

Join us for an exclusive Online Certification event and showcase your Big Data skills with an Alibaba Cloud Associate Certification.

This program is designed for engineers who are using Alibaba Cloud Big Data products. This certification exam will assess your understanding and experience of Alibaba Cloud's core products like MaxCompute, DataWorks, E-MapReduce, and ecosystem tools.

The original price for this exam is $200 but as part of this online certification program, we are offering it completely free to you. We highly recommend you to go through the exam outline and the sample questions before appearing for the exam.

Important: There is no dedicated training scheduled for this certification event. However, you are welcome to join our India Learning group on DingTalk and go through the on-demand training content. You can also sign up for Alibaba Cloud Certification Preparation Courses, which are available at a heavily discounted price.


Please be informed that there are very limited seats available for this Online Certification program. Please register now and secure your seat at the earliest!