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Digital Innovation in China@Berlin

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Digital Innovation in China@Berlin

Asia Digital Alliance
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Digital Innovation in China is a forum for senior business leaders from various industries to engage in exchanging their learnings and experiences in digital innovation.

The pace of digital innovation in China is ever-increasing. As China continues to increase its economic power, those initially local developments are increasingly impacting organization’s strategy and performance across the globe. We believe it is important to be aware of those developments, and to be able to understand how companies can leverage them for their success globally.

The various facets of digital innovation in China will be addressed in keynotes and moderated expert discussions providing room for exchange between speakers and audience.

Key questions addressed:

  • How can businesses utilize China’s enormous digital potential to rapidly innovate?
  • What makes China uniquely suited for digital innovation for the global market?
  • What are best practices for digital innovation in the Chinese market?