Free China Gateway Meetup in Israel

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China Gateway Meetup in Israel

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

China Gateway Meetup in Israel

Alibaba Cloud
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The first China Gateway meetup this year will be held on June 20 in Tel-Aviv. The event will introduce you about how Alibaba Cloud empowers business to reach their full potential and explore China.

China is a highly digitalized and connected society today. Mobile is to go-to platform of choice, and China boasts the world’s largest mobile payment market. It is also a hotbed of innovation, from Smart Cities to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things to e-commerce. All these digital opportunities make China an increasingly hot destination.

Alibaba Cloud warmly invites you to our China Gateway meetup in Tel-Aviv on June 20. During the event, we will introduce who we are, how we empower business to reach their full potential through digitalization, our secret technologies for the latest record-breaking Double 11, the world’s largest shopping festival, as well as our innovative solutions to help you expand your business in China.


  • 18.00 Welcome and kick off - Antoine Vaissié
  • 18.45 Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem overview - Michel Cui
  • 19.00 Gateway to China - Cloud based services and architectures for cross border applications - Antoine Vaissié
  • 19.30-20.30 Networking