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Upcoming Webinars | Live Demos

  • The workplace has evolved. The onset of Covid-19 rapidly accelerated the evolution of the workplace for enterprises in a manner that, in normal times, would almost be construed as disruptive.

  • 由Alibaba Cloud聯同HKIRC的專家一起分享資訊安全和數據合規的最新趨勢,並介紹可供中小企業使用的網站安全掃描服務

  • In this session, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud Quotation Solution, which provides users with one-stop cloud market services including stock, futures, derivatives and index trading data.

  • Alibaba Cloud New Retail Day Retail Reimagined. A New Way to Shop, Engage, and Thrive. Tuesday, Jan 11th 5 PM US PST Time. Wednesday, Jan 12th, 9 AM China BJS Time.

  • 分享方案以拆解電商業務走進全球化的痛點,包括用戶體驗及員工的系統訪問體驗,內外兼顧,全方位協助提升公司業務績效。

  • 大小企業適用 | 探索雲原生服務如何解決電商及各行業面對的網絡安全威脅及數據庫相關的痛點

  • 分享如何提高營銷精準性,將客戶精準分類並進行不同的營銷策略達到穩定的用戶及業務增長。


  • 阿里雲ZStack輕量級混合雲入門方案, 30分鐘安裝並管理萬台物理機、5分鐘一鍵升級,亦可線上及離線統一平台同步管理私有雲與公有雲資源,降低維運複雜度。

  • 預先找出合適的雲端方案策略,如何使用MarketPlace的SaaS加快數碼轉型的步伐,讓業務贏在起跑線。

  • 介紹阿里雲Hybrid Backup Recovery可快速介接VMware、SQL Server、雲上虛擬機等服務,並能智能識別重覆檔案,減少重覆備份,成功為用戶節約62% 成本、以及68% 備份時間。

  • 預先找出合適的雲端產品與方案,在迎接未來全球數碼轉型高速發展,讓業務贏在起跑線。以多渠道推送觸及用戶,SMS短訊、eDM及APP推送化繁為簡,優化用戶體驗,提高您的客戶粘性。

  • As you explore ways to shift to remote learning and working, Alibaba Cloud has resources to help you today.

  • ApsaraChat mini series #9 - Agile Solution for Agile Enterprises

  • 阿里雲無影雲桌面讓您達到資料不落地、集中管理,保障公司資料與系統安全,並按需創建、多端接入、隨時隨地訪問統一桌面環境。

  • 雙十一購物節、感恩節、聖誕節轉眼將至,在後疫情環境下讓你的電商銷售再創新高!

  • Hear from VIP Speakers from SENHENG, PrestoMall and SCash to learn how your businesses can leverage on Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem to pivot and grow in this pandemic.

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