Broadcasted on Nov. 21, 2017

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC-07


  • Sabith Venkitachalapathy

    Sabith Venkitachalapathy, Senior Solution Architect

    Sabith is a top-level technologist with proven consultancy skills who uses leadership and technical experience to guide customers, partners and internal teams to craft highly scalable, flexible and resilient Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud architectures that address customer business needs and accelerate the adoption of cloud services. As a trusted advocate, Sabith helps organizations develop a cloud strategy for the transformation of their IT landscape to IT-as-a-Service and provides best practices around advanced cloud-based solutions and workload migrations.


Alibaba Cloud offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide users with a low-cost way to deliver their websites and web applications. In this webinar, we’ll explore different methods to select a web hosting option that suits your business.

What you will learn about Alibaba Cloud web hosting from this webinar
· Content Management System (CMS) and development platform considerations
· Where to deploy your website and discussion of global regions
· How to dynamically scale up and scale down cloud web hosting resources
· Learn about the flexible pricing models of cloud web hosting

As part of the webinar series we will also explore various Alibaba Cloud Website hosting solutions including:
· Simple Website Hosting
· Static Website Hosting
· Enterprise Web Hosting