Broadcasted on Jul. 18, 2018

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM UTC+10


  • Sai Sarath Chandra

    Sai Sarath Chandra P, MVP

    Sai Sarath Chandra P is working as a software developer. Sai Sarath is an Oracle Certified Java Professional and has extensive experience with Android, Ionic, Javascript, Python, and Cloud technologies. He continually experiments with emerging technologies and is also recognized as an Alibaba Cloud MVP (Most Valuable Professional) from India. 


Messaging and notifications are the best way to engage with users in the information age. However, implementing message services is easier said than done. Implementation at the enterprise level requires development and testing of several processes, such as; security, business strategy, and performance. This webinar walks you through the ins and outs of Alibaba Cloud’s Message Service and explains how you can leverage this product to create and secure message queues to deliver push and in-app notifications.