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DevOps Guide: Using Terraform and Packer to Deploy Highly Available Architectures

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC+0:00

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A CI/CD pipeline is pivotal to a well-functioning DevOps environment. A complete CI/CD pipeline offers many advantages: as soon as a developer commits specific changes, the CI part of the pipeline compiles, tests, analyzes the code and immediately sends a notification if there's a problem. The CD part of the pipeline packages and deploys the application in the cloud. There are many advantages in making this part automatic: it saves time for the organization, reduces human mistakes, and allows the team to deploy the application at any time.
This webinar aims to provide an introduction into CI/CD by showing how to build a CI/CD pipeline to deploy a web application to Alibaba Cloud automatically. You will learn how to reduce the deployment complexity by building an immutable infrastructure with Terraform and Packer. As a developer, this helps to create a secure, highly available and auto-scalable architecture.


  • Marc Plouhinec

    Marc Plouhinec, Senior Delivery

    Marc is a full stack engineer from France. He is passionate about software and electronics and has close to ten years of experience in Java back-end and web front-end development. Lately, Marc focusses on DevOps and cloud technologies. In his free time, he enjoys learning about the Chinese culture and hiking the mountains surrounding Hangzhou.

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