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3 DAMO Academy Technologies to Fight COVID-19: Alibaba Cloud DAMO Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis

Monday, Mar. 23, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM UTC+8:00

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Nucleic acid PCR only detect segments of two locations in the gene sequence, and the false negative rate of PCR method is high. Our method checks >95% whole gene sequence, with >99% accuracy rate. In addition, we are 5x faster than traditional whole genome solutions.

We provide a total solution from virus genome sequencing from sample to report to realize virus screening and diagnosis, gene evolution analysis and virus protein 2D / 3D structure prediction.
Confirmation of New Coronavirus can be completed within around 14 hours (variable time, depending on sample size and sequencing throughput), and an experiment can accurately screen at least 20 people.

Key features include:

  • Fast and accurate detection to improve local epidemic processing capacity.
  • Optimization of core algorithms to comprehensively monitor the development and changes of the epidemic.
  • Modular software and hardware, simplify operation and configuration, instant deployment and use

Learn more at https://www.alibabacloud.com/solutions/genome-sequencing


  • Chapter 1: Highlights
  • Chapter 2: Pain points in using traditional PCR
  • Chapter 3: System structure
  • Chapter 4: Core values
  • Chapter 5: Demos
  • Chapter 6: Deployment


  • Ying Chi

    Director of Healthcare Intelligence, AI Center, DAMO Academy

    Dr. Ying Chi is a PhD graduate from the Bioengineering dept. of Imperial College London, UK, followed by a 2-year postdoc research in Institute of BioMedical Engineering of University of Oxford, UK. Prior to Alibaba DAMO Academy, she was the Head of Medical AI China Team in Siemens Healthineers

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