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Empower your business with best-in-class Hybrid Cloud technology

Thursday, Jun. 25, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM UTC+2:00

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During the evolution from IT architecture to cloud, growing number of enterprises want to benefit the same experience brought by large-scale cloud computing in their own data centers and adopt hybrid-cloud approach to balance capacity, capability, and avoid vendor lock-in. How to build a highly reliable cloud environment to ensure your business continuity? How to effectively discover, manage and monetize your multi-cloud resources, while managing cost and time-to-market?

In this webinar, we will have experts from Alibaba Cloud and Whale Cloud to showcase two key solutions that can help you address these issues. We will first introduce how Apsara Stack, an extension of Alibaba Cloud public cloud offering, brings the capacities of public cloud into private cloud. We will also show you how Whale Cloud’s Cloud BSS can offer a complete toolbox to mobilize your existing on-premise cloud resource and public cloud partnership and kick-off your own cloud service offering to teams in and out of your organization.


  • Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud
  • Deep dive into Alibaba Cloud Apsara Stack
  • Cloud BSS Value Proposition
  • Cloud BSS Deep-Dive
  • Success stories


  • Wu Zhouxi

    Cloud Solution Director, Whale Cloud

    Wu Zhouxi is the cloud solution director of Whale Cloud, responsible for market collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, especially on Apsara Stack Private Cloud. Before making cloud computing his priority, he had been travelling intensively in Asia Pacific, looking after telco BOSS go-to-market activities

  • Weining Hou

    Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Weining Hou works as Solution Architect in Alibaba Cloud where he helps customers and partners reach their full potential with cloud-based solutions, including Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. He has more than 8 years experience in Europe focusing on technical architecture and cloud computing.

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