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ApsaraChat Live: Achieve higher performance at a lower cost with ECS Gen-6

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019 | 10:42 AM - 11:40 AM UTC+8:00

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We launched our first ApsaraChat Live series, a live webinar series featuring various topics in the cloud computing world, catered for professionals and avid learners on the go. In our debut, we discovered exciting new features of Alibaba Cloud's latest ECS Gen-6 - Powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly Cascade Lake).

Besides sharing news on our latest technology, we also brought in a guest industry expert from intel to our discussion and shared how you can achieve much more with the latest ECS Gen-6.

Dive deeper in the following in this ApsaraChat Live webinar:

1) ECS Gen-6: Achieve higher compute performance at a lower cost by Gavin Liu, Lead Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud

2) 2nd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors Empower Data Centric Innovation by Albert Wang, Lead Architect and Industry Technical Specialist at Intel


  • Gavin Liu

    Lead Solution Architect, Alibaba International Singapore.

    Gavin Liu is the Lead Solution Architect in Alibaba International Singapore where he helps customers re-design system/application architecture to transform their application into the cloud. With 13 years of work experience in various IT fields such as application delivery, disaster recovery, cloud computing, application security and more, Gavin is involved in global technical support, architecture design, hands-on implementation to pre-sales consultation at Alibaba Cloud.

  • Albert Wang

    Lead Architect and Industry Technical Specialist, Intel.

    Albert Wang is the Lead Architect and Industry Technical Specialist in Intel driving solution adoption and innovation across multiple sectors including Healthcare and Life sciences, Financial services, Energy, HPC, etc. in APJ. As a trusted advisor, he helps customers build optimal solutions on top of Intel architectures across processors, accelerators, memory and storage portfolios. He used to lead solution incubation and GTM program management in Intel DCG Health IT and Life science division.

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