Broadcasted on Dec. 17, 2019

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM UTC-08


  • Robertino San Diego

    Alibaba Cloud

    Robertino San Diego is a Business Development Manager at Alibaba Cloud. Previous experience includes companies such as Yahoo! and Oracle. His current goal today is to help companies expand their business internationally.


One of the biggest issues companies face today is maintaining a consistent and reliable connectivity between different regions of the world. With a person’s work environment residing in places like offices, cafes and homes, performance has never been more important to a user in this business world today.

Alibaba Cloud has aimed to help companies fix this ongoing problem as most companies today continue to scale up their usage of SaaS applications all over the world, especially in China where mobile usage has skyrocketed.

Alibaba Cloud’s SaaS Acceleration capabilities allow you to connect your users all around the world.

1. Challenges Global Companies face
2. Alibaba ecosystem and capabilities
3. Cloud Enterprise Network Overview & how it could help Saas application acceleration