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Alibaba Double 11: How Alibaba Cloud Helped Transform the World's Biggest Shopping Festival

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM UTC-8:00

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Originated from the technologies of the largest e-commerce company - Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud possesses great know-hows on digital economy and modern e-commerce. Alibaba Cloud's products and services play critical roles during every year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival. In the year 2019, Alibaba’s newly self-developed elastic computing products broke a new record for “pulse computation”, and successfully operated more than 10 million computing cores simultaneously, which is equivalent to 10 large data centers. Now, Alibaba uses Big Data and AI technology to adapt to the ever changing needs of the average consumer to create the best shopping experience.

Join us in the first series of discussion about Double 11, where we will share several key technological components and insights with you from Alibaba Cloud’s technical team.

Visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/solutions/e-commerce to discover how you can quickly build your own online e-commerce platform on Alibaba Cloud.


• Alibaba Cloud Overview
• Global Shopping Festival Double 11
• How Big Data Creates Value
• Human Machine Collaboration
• Surge Compute: How Do We Handle Traffic Spike
• How Enterprises Can Benefit From These Technologies


  • Robertino

    Business Development Manager Alibaba Cloud

    Robertino San Diego is a Business Development Manager at Alibaba Cloud. Previous experience includes companies such as Yahoo! and Oracle. His current goal today is to help companies expand their business internationally.

  • Mylie

    Senior Solutions Architect Alibaba Cloud

    Mylie Tong is a Senior Solutions Architect at Alibaba Cloud with expertise in delivering cloud and big data solutions for large enterprises. Her passion is to help organizations realize value and transform the business by implementing the most cutting edge technologies.

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