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MVP Tech Talk: A Glimpse into Alibaba Cloud and Digital China

Thursday, Mar. 12, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM UTC+1:00

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In this webinar, Alibaba Cloud Evangelist Yzza Pessé and MVP Léon Rodenburg will introduce you to who Alibaba Cloud is, what Alibaba Cloud is doing to support the whole ecosystem of Alibaba ranging from e-commerce, logistics, finance, to media and entertainment, as well as to enable digital transformation of companies across different sectors. Having lived in China for nearly 2 years and with extensive experience in the software development market, Léon will also introduce you to the most recent trends in a digital China where consumers are highly engaged and often mobile only.


• Introduce Alibaba Cloud
• China digital landscape and the latest digital trends


  • Yzza Pessé

    As Business Development Manager for the Benelux market at Alibaba Cloud, Yzza Pessé collaborates with partners and customers to help them adopting Alibaba Cloud solutions.

  • Léon Rodenburg

    Software development consultant at Xebia in The Netherlands, with a background in Computer Science and Chinese linguistics. Lover of cloud-native software engineering and serverless enthusiast. Alibaba Cloud MVP and organizer of the Alibaba Cloud Meetup in Amsterdam.

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