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PolarDB Series: Build Your Foundation with PolarDB

Friday, Mar. 13, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC+8:00

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544,000 orders processed and 38.4 billion USD in revenue generated in a matter of 24-hours at Alibaba’s 2019 Double 11 Festival. What is the secret weapon behind Alibaba’s highly successful Double 11 shopping festival?

In this upcoming database webinar series, we will be introducing the key database infrastructure supporting Alibaba’s E-Commerce ecosystem for several years and the new generation cloud native OLTP database product on Alibaba Cloud - PolarDB. A "Super MySQL, PostgreSQL or compatible Oracle" database solution.

Speaker: Zhou Xiang, Senior Database Expert, Alibaba Cloud

Webinar Agenda:
1) Overview and architecture of the PolarDB;
2) Product usage and case study;
3) PolarDB M/P/O cluster operation;
4) PolarDB proxy and application access.
5) PolarDB system monitoring


Database, Cluster Operation, System Monitoring, Proxy Application Access


  • Julian Zhou

    Senior Database Expert

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