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Empowering Businesses to Fight COVID-19 through Technology

Wednesday, Apr. 8, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM UTC+5:30

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Alibaba Cloud puts our customers first, in everything we do and is committed to help businesses. We respond to the new Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by giving a top priority to the health and safety of our customers, and supporting the operations of their businesses without interruption.

During this ongoing health crisis, we are closely cooperating with many organizations, institutions, enterprises, and small businesses affected by the pandemic. We are offering them tailored cloud solutions to address the challenges and economic repercussions that they may be facing, including utilizing cloud technology to prevent, analyse, and combat COVID-19, and to rebuild after this public health crisis. Through this webinar you will learn about the Alibaba Cloud's initiatives using cloud technology and programs that support individuals and companies to fight against all threats together.


• Epidemic Prediction Solution
• Data Visualization
• Elastic HPC Solution
• CT Imaging Analytics for COVID-19
• Genome Sequencing for COVID-19 Diagnostic
• Online Collaboration
• Internet Application Global Network Acceleration
• DevOps


  • Nikesh Gogia

    Staff Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud India

    Nikesh Gogia is Staff Solution Architect in Alibaba with 12+ years of experience developing and architecting infrastructure solutions. He also worked as an entrepreneur before joining Alibaba Cloud and worked with some of the largest technology organizations in India.

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