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Alibaba Cloud Tech Show: Technologies behind the Singles' Day Global Shopping Festival (Double 11)

Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM UTC+8:00

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In 2019, Alibaba moved 100% of its core system onto Alibaba Cloud, and had a successful Singles' Day (Double 11) sales during November 11th, 2019 with record breaking 543k orders placed per second. In this episode of Tech Show, we will talk about the unique challenges of the world's largest e-commerce promotional event when hosted on cloud. We will also talk about how these challenges are tackled using Alibaba Cloud's compute, storage, networking and database solutions to build a more reliable and cost-effective e-commerce system on the cloud.


  • Alibaba and the Singles' day event
  • Challenges
  • Compute, Storage, network and database
  • Cost effectiveness and reliability


  • Liping Zhang

    Principal Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

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