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Business Continuity with Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet

Monday, Apr. 20, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM UTC+8:00

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The COVID-19 public health crisis is an extreme test to many organisations’ existing remote working approaches. The surging traffic demands create more stress on existing infrastructure performance and functionality are pushed to their limits, let alone with extreme short lead time that the solution need to be up and running. Meanwhile, organisations still need to maintain required level of security to meet the existing business and operational models.

Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet collaboratively launched innovative solutions to secure remote access for the Teleworker or Telelearners. Leveraging the wide presence and scalability of Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet’s security fabric, the organisations can quickly rollout a world-wide VPN network in hours, which is fully scalable on-demand. The modular design of the solution is capable of scaling up and out to meet the surging demand without compromising the security and compliance requirement.

In this webinar, we'll share with you how Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet joined forces to launch innovative solutions for organisations to maintain business and operational continuity, in a way that does not introduce unjustified operational overhead. We would also like share cases how we support universities in Australia by providing fast cross-regional connections for Chinese international students affected by COVID-19.


  • Fortinet Company Overview
  • Challenges For Remote Learning/Working
  • Alibaba Cloud and Fortinet Joint Solution
    o Centralized Security Service Hub
    o Cross Border Application Acceleration
  • Reference Case


  • Oliver Zhang

    Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Oliver Zhang is senior solution architect for the ANZ team. He has been leading the cloud solutions in media and education industries. Prior to the current role, Oliver has had extensive experiences in cloud, virtualisation, and physical datacenters.

  • Sumit Mahla

    Consulting Systems Architect, Fortinet

    Sumit comes along with 12 year of rich industry experience in datacenter, security and cloud. He brings in experience and knowledge from working with large enterprises and industry certifications. He presently works at Fortinet as a Consulting System Architect for ANZ region.

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