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Technologies Redefining Education During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM UTC+5:30

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Cities around the globe have been locked down amid COVID-19 Pandemic and pretty much everything has become standstill from last several weeks. The only mantra which humans are chanting today, to safeguard themselves and others around them from this pandemic, is the “Social Distancing”.

While the local authorities are recommending this new way of living but the education system, which is predominantly known to us as the socializing phase of human life, is badly affected and pretty much closed in fear of the virus. Fortunately, technology can create ways for educational institutions to start again while they continue to follow the best practices to avoid spreading this pandemic.

Alibaba Cloud, in association with iWeb Technology Solutions, a Technology Solution Partner in India, has come up with a set of solutions which can help educational institutions to drastically reduce physical interactions but still operate as earlier. Join us in this #TechHour to digitally transform your institution and have an operational continuity plan to combat any such challenges.


  1. Top challenges of Educational Institutions amid COVID-19

  2. Technology Solutions at every stage

  3. Ease of deployment

  4. Operational Continuity with Secure Data Backup, Online Classes and Collaboration

  5. Built-in Security, Reliability & Compliance with Alibaba Cloud


  • Akshay Shah

    CEO, iWeb Technology Solutions

  • Biplab Paul

    Regional Marketing Manager, Alibaba Cloud

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