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How Alibaba Cloud CDN Can Help Your Business to Grow in COVID19 Pandemic

Wednesday, May. 6, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM UTC-7:00

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Covid-19 has been significantly changing the consumer behavior and forcing companies to adpat digital first strategy. With lock down and shelter-in-place order in many markets, business needs to scale up quickly to meet the demand and expand it's customer base, especially in industries such as retail, eCommerce, gaming, and media entertainment. Alibaba Cloud CDN has the strategic advantage in many regions in the world with exclusive POP location and extensive global network infrustrcuture. Alibaba Cloud CDN has demonstrated significant ROIs for companies that wants to reduce cost, realize multi-cloud architecture value and capture new customers in the U.S. or expanding to APAC region.


  • The Opportunities And Challenges Of Covid-19 for digital business
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN overview
  • How to leverage Alibaba Cloud CDN to maximize ROI and capture new business opportunities.
  • Fuel Fast Growth By Leveraging Alibaba's Rich Ecosystem
  • Free Cloud Resources to Help with Business Growth


  • Mylie Tong

    Senior Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Mylie Tong is a Senior Solutions Architect at Alibaba Cloud with expertise in delivering cloud and big data solutions for large enterprises. Her passion is to help organizations realize value and transform the business by implementing the most cutting edge technologies.

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