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Alibaba Cloud Dialogue: Impacts on Chinese Consumers & Opportunities following COVID-19

Thursday, May. 21, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC+1:00

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As China settles back into rhythm much has changed. Trends have accelerated, government-led initiatives have shifted, and consumers are looking at their world very differently. Andrew will lean on China Skinny's consumer research and data tracking insights to discuss these significant changes that international brands must be aware of in preparing for the new China.


  • Where things stand and forecasting long-lasting impacts of COVID-19
  • What's changed? Preference, behaviours and channels
  • Practical recap: what should international brands do now?


  • Andrew Atkinson

    Senior Marketing Manager

    During his tenure at Shanghai-based insights and strategy consultancy China Skinny Andrew has led projects across 20 industries in the China market. He is a well-regarded speaker about marketing in China, and is regularly quoted by outlets such as Forbes, CNN, CNBC and the Washington Post.

  • Olivia Kang

    Integrated Marketing Manager

    Olivia works in Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International team and focuses on bring integrated marketing campaign to live

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