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Building the Next Generation of Cloud Native Applications Using OAM

Thursday, May. 28, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM UTC-7:00

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Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard for container orchestration. However, there is no standard way to develop and operate an application running on Kubernetes. The Open Application Model (OAM) defines a standard way to write cloud native applications. In this webinar, we will highlight the latest development in OAM spec and how to write an OAM application.

This webinar is a sequel to the “Introducing Open Application Model” webinar. In this webinar, we will dive deep in to the latest development in the OAM spec version v1alpha2. We will explain all the new features in the latest spec. We will also have a live demo on how to describe and deploy a microservice-oriented application onto Alibaba Cloud using OAM.

The session is best for developers and SREs that are working on writing and building applications running on Kubernetes. We will dive deep into the implementation details of some features so that our audience can experience the full capacity of the Open Application Model.


  • Introduction Open Application Model (OAM)
  • Spec deep dive
  • Live demo
  • Conclusion


  • Ryan Zhang

    Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

    Dr. Ryan Zhang is a large-scale distributed computing expert with 15+ years of experience in research and engineering. He earned his Ph.D. at Rice University working on scheduling heterogeneous workflows in Grid Computing. He was a founding member of the Function Compute service in Alibaba Cloud.

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