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Webinar: Step by Step guide to build a Live streaming platform on Alibaba Cloud

Wednesday, May. 27, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC+7:00

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Businesses all over the world use video streaming as a tool for providing entertaining and educational content, as well as a modern means of driving growth of social commerce.

The advancements in cloud computing have revolutionized video streaming and brought forth massive corporations in the following areas.

  • Enable larger bandwidth and speed
  • Handle heavier video requirements
  • Provide a better viewing experience

Videos are becoming one of the most popular and essential mode for building connections in the world and social commerce.

Dive into the world of videos by joining our upcoming webinar on 20 May 2020, where our expert Max Dasuki will introduce and take you on a journey to learn how to build a scalable video streaming platform on Alibaba Cloud in the above-mentioned aspects.


Learn about (through demo):

  • It’s benefits and how to enable larger bandwidth and speed to cope with all the video loads

  • Deep dive with us as our technical expert walks you through all the amazing features of Alibaba Cloud video streaming platform

  • Find out how to build and provide a better viewing experience to your audience


  • Max Dasuki

    Solutions Architect lead, Alibaba Cloud

    Max is a passionate technologist who is excited about the opportunities created when small and medium- size businesses embrace the cloud and goes digital. He has helped customers architect highly scalable and cost effective solutions on the cloud platform. He works in Jakarta Indonesia at Alibaba Cl

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