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Accelerate Your Gaming Business with Alibaba Cloud Technical Inspiration

Tuesday, Jun. 30, 2020 | 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC+8:00

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Behind every great game, there's game tech.
With years of proven expertise, Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive gaming solutions for all your needs. We enable your business to provide better gaming services through our accelerated content delivery capability, reliable networks to support multiple concurrent users while ensuring minimum latency, and advanced firewall protection to ensure secure and stable connections. With our automatic failover and disaster recovery capabilities, you no longer have to worry about single-point-of-failures in your system.

Join our virtual workshop to learn more about our services and how to get started with Alibaba Cloud Game Tech.


Technical Inspiration
Alibaba Cloud Game Tech Behind Great Games
Cloud-Native Security on Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator in Gaming
Automation with Terraform and Helm
Alibaba Cloud Big data & AI solution in Gaming industry
Closing Remarks


  • Alex Huang

    Lead Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International Business

    As the Lead Architect of Alibaba Cloud's international business department, Alex Huang has more than ten years of cloud computing experience, focusing on the Internet and FinTech fields, and supporting customers to use cloud computing, big data and AI technologies for business success.

  • Jake Hou

    Cybersecurity Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International Business

    An Alibaba Cloud Cybersecurity Architect, with 8 years of cybersecurity-related product operations and development experience. Jake has a deep understanding of cybersecurity technology innovations and assisted many MNCs to solve their cybersecurity concerns for their business in China.

  • Yagr Xu

    Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International Business

    Wei Xu (Yagr) graduated from Erasmus Mundus IMMIT program with economy and IT management master degrees. Worked since 2006 in various companies such as SonyEricsson, SAP as Software/Data Engineers and now in Alibaba Cloud as Solution Architect.

  • Bee Lu

    Network Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International Business

    Bee Lu is a Network Solutions Architect at Alibaba Cloud, with 8 years experience in enterprise network and hybrid-cloud network. He currently focuses on how to help the customers build their global cloud network faster and easier.

  • Dongliang Guo

    Big Data & AI Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud International Business

    With years experience on the big data and AI solution on Alibaba Cloud in Gaming industry. Dongliang will introduce Alibaba Cloud big data and AI portfolio, solution and typical analysis scenarios in Gaming industry.

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