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Manage Your Security Posture in Asia: Insights from Alibaba Cloud

Thursday, Jul. 23, 2020 | 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC+3:00

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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the way business operate. Enterprises need to adapt to a fast-changing environment, to become more agile and to adopt a new approach to deliver at full capacity with reduced budget.

Public Cloud continues to be the best place to innovate while business look into growing in this “new normal”, defending against cyber-attacks and meeting corporate security standards.

Alibaba is leading cloud service provider in Asia and we offer a host of tools to improve your security posture. This talk will focus on a number of our security solutions and services. We will discuss mandatory security services built in the product offering such as Security Groups (Dynamic packet filtering) & Authorizations, Alibaba Cloud Resource Access Management (RAM), building cloud infrastructure inside ring-fenced Alibaba VPC network architectures. We will also cover our Managed Security Vulnerability Assessment Service, Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall and Anti-DDoS service.

Finally, as the best partner for enterprises to explore the China market, we will discuss how we help our customers to manage their IT infrastructure in a unique landscape that demands high security standards.


• Innovating with the public cloud and managing security threats
• Overview of tools to improve security posture
• Air Asia case study


  • Antoine Vaissé

    Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud

    Antoine brings expert consulting advice on the benefits of microservices, devops & cloud for the enterprise. At Alibaba Cloud, Antoine focusses on projects to deploy centralized SaaS to China, where the developers and core company are outside China.

  • Edwin Polycarpe

    Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud

    Edwin Polycarpe currently works as Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud where he helps partners and clients of all sizes to migrate or build their Cloud solutions. He has helped large companies to implement cross-border solutions to quickly extend the Asian market.

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