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Retail Transformation

Tuesday, Jul. 28, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM UTC+4:00

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This webinar is co-hosted by Alibaba Cloud and our partner Bespin Global MEA. We will cover the topic of retail transformation and Alibaba’s New Retail Solution.

Traditional retail enterprises are now facing unprecedented challenges during post pandemic time. More shoppers have turned to online retail to avoid public gatherings, and retail enterprises are becoming fully aware of the significance of online channels. The changing retail behavior of consumers reveals that it is becoming a multichannel buying experience. Nowadays, customers expect nothing less than a seamless shopping experience.

Preserving customers should be any business’ highest priority and to achieve customer loyalty, retailers need an experience which stands out from their competition. By watching this webinar, retailers will learn how to apply Alibaba cloud's latest new retail solutions to adapt to the ever-changing retailer environment.

With Alibaba’s Cloud E-Commerce solutions, businesses could choose their new-retail solution and adopt it according to their requirements quickly. The latest Alibaba Cloud New Retail Solution will help retailers in tracking the customer across the various stages from discovery, interest and study to comparison and ordering, and in improving the overall customer experience.


• Post Pandemic Era Impact on Retail Industry
• Retail Industry Transformation Challenges
• Overview of Alibaba Cloud New Retail Solution and Latest Technology
• Bespin Global Overview


  • Belal Akkawi

    Senior Account Manager, Bespin Global MEA

    Dedicated to cloud technology, innovation, forward thinking and modern sales techniques. Belal has maintained long lasting client and customer relations. His skills include cloud selling, strategic account mapping and consulting on best business practices.

  • Firas Alhanuti

    Senior Account Manager, Bespin Global MEA

    A technology lover and sales professional, Firas Al Hanuti enjoys over 10 years of involvement in the sales field. Firas started his career to work in technical field to become a better sales representative in IT solutions and professional services.

  • Piyush Kakkar

    Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud MEA

    Piyush Kakkar has served as Director for Industry Solution at Alibaba Cloud since 2019, Prior to this role, Mr. Piyush served across various presales & sales roles at Huawei & IBN, In past decade, He has focussed upon Carrier & enterprise markets across middle east & africa.

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