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Alibaba Cloud x 1688.com Cloud Hub Explained

Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM UTC+2:00

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Alibaba Cloud 1688 Cloud Hub is a cloud-based solution using Alibaba Cloud services and 1688 platform which is the Chinese domestic B2B wholesale arm of the Alibaba Group to enable quick system integration between 1688.com and your enterprise, improving business agility and eliminating complex integration issues.

With the 1688 Cloud Hub solution, you will be able to easily establish a high available system across different geographic regions to automate management of 1688.com services such as merchandise information publishing, order status monitoring, and order retrieval.

This solution provides an easy and quick way to integrate 1688.com services with your global enterprise system such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and reduces your integration time from a few months down to a few weeks.

This solution is based upon multiple Alibaba Cloud services, such as CEN/MQ to provide worldwide high performance network connectivity with China and meet compliance requirements.


  • Chinese market recovering, rebounding, and open for business
  • Core challenges to overcome for multinational corporations (MNCs) in China
  • Alibaba Group digital economy and Alibaba Cloud highlights
  • Why to dock with 1688 and challenge of 1688 docking journey
  • Highlights of 1688-Cloud-Hub Solution
  • 1688-Cloud-Hub solution architecture and quick introduction
  • 1688-Cloud-Hub demo


  • Dr. Ye Huang

    Head of Solution Architect DACH & CEE, Alibaba Cloud

    Now, Dr. Ye HUANG is the head of solution architect of Alibaba Cloud DACH and CEE region, and is responsible for Alibaba Cloud's products and solutions oriented designing and implementation in DACH and CEE region, including but not limited to topics like infrastructure, multi-Cloud, BigData, etc.

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