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Where to Win Next with AI

Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM UTC+2:00

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In a survey completed in November 2019 – 33% of respondents said their company was already doing AI and another 19.5% said they planned to adopt AI within the next 12 months.

Many organizations have been able to achieve some early success in implementing chatbots and doing some basic machine learning. Despite what is a considerable appetite for AI and some early successes there is still a great deal of confusion about what opportunities companies should be investing in relation to AI, and how best to approach the technology beyond the more entry-level use cases.

In this webinar Paul de Billy, Alibaba Cloud's Managing Director of Multinational Accounts EMEA and Vladimir Tsaganov - Cloud Solutions Architect at Alibaba Cloud will join Jack Vernon, Senior Research Analyst in European AI Systems at IDC to discuss a range of emerging AI use cases they're seeing as critical to the next wave of AI adoption in Europe and consider how organizations can start deploying them in their own company.

These use cases go beyond the entry-level AI that many organizations have some first-hand experience either trailing or implementing, and strike at the heart of the true opportunity AI presents.


  • What are the most important and innovative use cases in the next wave of AI?
  • What are the biggest challenges when it comes to delivering AI applications?
  • What differences are observed among the most innovative and less mature AI adopters?
  • Has COVID-19 changed prioritization of organizations?


  • Vladimir Tsaganov

    Cloud Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Vladimir is an Alibaba Cloud Solutions Architect focusing on developing Big Data and Machine Learning Solutions. In this role, he practices the state-of-the-art data intelligence technologies in order to help customers seamlessly transform.

  • Paul de Billy

    Managing Director Multinational Accounts, Alibaba Cloud EMEA

    Paul de Billy started his career at Devoteam before joining Capgemini Telecom & Media to bring IT transformation. He spent 10 years at Microsoft with different positions and in 2015 he appointed Cloud Sales Director for Microsoft Azure.

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