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Vertica on Alibaba Cloud——Unified Analytics Warehouse (EN)

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 | 10:45 AM - 11:20 AM UTC+8:00

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Vertica recently announced the launch of the Vertica Analytics Platform on the Alibaba Cloud Platform. With Vertica hosted on the Alibaba Cloud, the scale and performance that Vertica delivers for the world’s largest and most intelligence-driven organizations including Uber, Twitter, AT&T, Philips, Cerner, and many more can now be deployed in minutes through Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group.


In this webinar, we will talk about Vertica's latest technology like cloud native data warehouse architecture, unification of data warehouse and data lakes, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, integration of Vertica and Alibaba Cloud,industrial use cases etc.
Who Should Join:
CDO, big data/data warehouse architect, data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, business intelligence manager.
For further details, please visit our product page or contact our professionals.
Vertica Analytics Platform on the Alibaba Cloud Platform
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  • Jack Shi

    General Manager of Vertica APJ Channel and Alliance

    Jack Shi is the General Manager of Vertica Channel, OEM and Alliance business in APAC & Japan Region. Jack is responsible for recruiting, enabling and engaging partners to grow Vertica business in the region. He has more than 20 years experiences in IT industry across different markets.

  • Haimo Liu

    Senior Product Manager, Alibaba Intelligence

    Haimo Liu is a seasoned product manager with enthusiasm and experience in defining product strategy and ensuring its alignment with the desired business outcome. Currently, he is focused on driving globalization. (including but not limited to product strategy, GTM, business development, etc.)

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