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Alibaba's Best Practices in E-Commerce: Accelerating Retail with Cloud Technology

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+9:00

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Alibaba Group, which evolved from an early e-commerce company into a global technology pioneer, engineered the Double 11, or Singles' Day event using Alibaba Cloud’s advanced big data algorithms, complex IT architectures, and sophisticated software and data applications. It uses technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, virtual reality, cloud computing, and mobile Internet. These technologies drive the company’s online marketplaces and facilitate trading to precisely match buyers to sellers.

To facilitate the enormous volume of online traffic and transactions during the Double 11 Festival, Alibaba leverages cloud computing technologies backed by the world’s largest hybrid-cloud architecture. During the 1-day shopping festival in 2020, Alibaba Group achieved US$ 74.1 billion in gross merchandise value. Alibaba Cloud’s computing power supported as many as 583,000 orders per second with zero downtime, for the full 24 hours. Learn how Alibaba Cloud makes the impossible possible in e-commerce.


  • Alibaba Cloud technology behind Double 11 (Singles' Day)
  • Best practices from retail customers who have achieved business growth and expansion with Alibaba Cloud's e-commerce solution


  • Albert Lau

    Senior Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Albert leads Innovation Solutions at Alibaba Cloud, and has extensive digital transformation experience leveraging the advanced business solutions from the Alibaba digital economy in China. Prior to Alibaba, he worked with major MNCs on their digital business aspirations and technology strategies ac

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