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Security End-to-end: Cloud Security to Safeguard 11.11 Singles' Day

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC+8:00

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Alibaba’s e-commerce services run on Alibaba Cloud, and each year, we power and celebrate the 11.11 Singles’ Day shopping festival. However, this day is also a festival for attackers. On this year’s Singles’ Day, Alibaba’s security system protected all the services on Alibaba Cloud against billions of attacks:

  • Peak transactions: 583 thousand per second
  • Peak attacks: 5.3 million queries
  • Attack requests: 42 billion
  • Scan requests: 6.7 million

Learn more about how Alibaba Cloud built its architecture and deployed security solutions to achieve no vulnerability and zero downtime. More importantly, learn how you can apply this solution to your own e-commerce or online business.


"Security End-to-end: Cloud Security to Safeguard 11.11 Singles Day"
Mr. Clarence Pascua
Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

"The Use of Bowtie Analysis in Information Security"
Mr. Solomon B. Anastacio
Member of the Board of Trustees (PMI-PH); Former President, ISACA Manila Chapter

Moderator: Mr. Chito Jacinto
Core Member, Information Security Officers Group (ISOG)


  • Clarence Pascua

    Clarence Pascua is a Solutions Architect for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. As a Solutions Architect he engages with customers and support them in their digital journey leveraging Alibaba Cloud products, solutions and best practices.

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