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Empower ISVs with Alibaba Cloud

Tuesday, May. 11, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM UTC+8:00

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ISVs today are switching to the cloud, to leverage the flexibility of their operating costs which allows them to scale up and down easily and quickly on demand. The ability to maintain costs low should enable your services to be easily available and adoptable their your customers, especially those who are requiring digital solutions to help them solve business challenges and improve performance efficiency. Alibaba Cloud offers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the optimal cloud migration solutions to ready your cloud business with the shortest path.

The preference over cloud can also help companies to benefit from technical support and innovation, such as the Alibaba Cloud Galaxy Program with comprehensive technical plans, including digital training sessions and online labs. The cloud can also help ISVs to be more innovative, without investing massive amounts in costly tech.

Join us in this webinar, to learn about Alibaba Cloud programs for ISVs and how we assist ISVs like you to migrate your data at ease, leverage high-quality security offering, including a Web Application Firewall, and automated backups, while saving your IT staff time on routine tasks.

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  • Welcome Address
  • Migrate Your Data to Cloud at Ease
  • Efficient Hosting of Web Application in Cloud
  • DevOps Implementation using Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Container Service


  • Zhuang Yilan

    Head of Online Business

    Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

  • Chris Voon

    Solutions Architect

    Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

  • Gavin Liu

    Solutions Architect

    Bachelor of Science from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) major in mathematics. He has over 10 years’ work experience in a variety of IT fields such as Application Delivery, Disaster Recovery Data Center design, Cloud Computing, Networking, Storage, Security, etc. Obtained all the ACP (Alibaba Clo

  • Jammy Chen

    Delivery Team Leader, Alibaba Cloud

    Jammy Chen is the international cloud platform delivery lead from Alibaba cloud, he currently works on big public cloud and Apsara stack projects which help customers for digital transformation, cloud migration, Application containerization. He has more than 10 years’ experience in cloud computing.

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