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Philippine Partner Summit 2021

Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2021 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM UTC+8:00

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Alibaba Cloud announces the first cloud region in the Philippines to its partners and present the regional strategies, updated product offerings, and partner programs and incentives.


I. Alibaba Cloud Welcome Speech
II. DICT Keynote Speech
III. Business Transformation with Alibaba Cloud
IV. Alibaba Cloud Industry Solutions
V. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Solutions
VI. Panel Discussion
VII. Technology Partner Sharing: VMware
VIII. Channel Partner Sharing: VST ECS
IX. Technology Partner Sharing: Fortinet
X. Alibaba Cloud Partner Programs & Recruitment


  • Allen Guo

    Country Manager - PH

    Allen Guo is the country manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence - PH. With over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the ICT industry in SEA and Greater China, Allen leads the country's operations and contributes business growth strategies.

  • Clarence Pascua

    Solutions Architect

    Clarence Pascua is a Solutions Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. Clarence plays a vital role in the customers' cloud adoption journey and is a witness as to how technology, culture and mindset all play important parts towards the digital transformation.

  • Ken Cho

    Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architect - Hong Kong, Macau, & Philippines

    Ken Cho specializes in Hybrid Cloud solutions and Cloud Networking with over 10 years of experience in ICT industry and focuses on helping customers accelerate their digital transformation through Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud technologies.

  • Dir. Leo Cipriano L. Urbiztondo Jr.

    Director, Government Digital Transformation Bureau - DICT

    A qualified manager, director and technical professional with a well-developed business acumen reflecting a career of strong leadership skills coupled with 24 years of hands-on ICT experienced.

  • Maria Gaitanidou

    VP- Partnership, Uploan PH

    Maria is a trained lawyer, but an entrepreneur at heart. Moved to the Philippines in 2015, to join Coins.ph as an early employee and led various teams including BizDev, Legal, strategy and Compliance.

  • Raphael Layosa

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Retailgate

    Raphael is the Founder and CEO of Retailgate Technologies and Chief Technology Officer of the United Neon Media Group and has been consistently sharing his passion for Smart Retailing as a regular Moderator of the Philippine Retailers Association’s digital initiatives since 2020.

  • Evenard Marquez

    Country Technical Sales Manager, VMWare

    Enar Marquez leads the technical sales team at VMware Philippines, and has more than 22 years of experience in the industry spanning roles in operations, pre-sales and sales.

  • Mark Cayubit, CISSP

    Channel and Alliance Manager - MSSP & Cloud, Fortinet

    Mark has over 10 years of professional experience on Technical Consultant roles specializing in Enterprise networking, cybersecurity and cloud. Mark currently works at Fortinet as Channel and Alliance Manager for MSSP and Cloud Business.

  • Katharine Zhao

    International Partner Ecosystem Strategy and Operations

    Katharine Zhao is currently leading the Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Partner Ecosystem Strategy and Operations team. She provides valuable and effective tools while maintaining and expanding relationships with channel and technology partners across the regions.

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