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How to Digitize Your Business Through Precise Marketing

Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+8:00

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In the era of digital economy, consumers' consumption habits are changing rapidly. How to accurately locate target consumers and seize business opportunities in a rapidly developing and changing market is a problem that every marketing manager is concerned about.

Consumers’ cognition of a product is an advanced process, a full-link cognition process from knowledge, to preference, and then to decision-making transformation. In each process of cognition, market managers should formulate precise reach strategies to guide consumers into decision-making and increase the rate of return on investment. This is a test of the market manager’s data-oriented decision-making power and knowledge of new technologies. force. Alibaba Cloud's advantage lies in digital intelligent technology and precision marketing solutions. In the era of data-oriented decision-making, accurate resource allocation and customer insights can be carried out through data intelligent analysis. This can not only save costs, reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also make the marketing decision-making process more effective.

We invite experts in the retail industry of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent International Business to analyze the best practices and solutions of global marketing for you, hoping to inspire you. If you are the marketing director or the person in charge of marketing, you are welcome to participate, and you are welcome to join the company's relevant technical personnel to explore how to perfectly integrate intelligent technology and digital marketing to open up the full link of customer reach. Hurry up and register to participate!


  • Omni-channel Communication
  • Digital Transformation


  • Emily Lu

    Solution Architecture of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

    Solution Architecture of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

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