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Intelligent AI Weather Forecasting

Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021 | 8:00 PM - 8:35 PM UTC+8:00

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In 2021, Alibaba Cloud launched the Project AI Forward with a goal of empowering global developers to tackle a series of most challenging digital transformation issues. Intelligent Weather Forecast for Better Life is the first competition of the Global AI Innovation Challenge Series 2021, which has engaged more than 2500 developers and innovative enterprises around the world to build weather-related solutions with AI and machine learning.

In this webinar, Xiaohui Zhong, Algorithm Expert at Alibaba DAMO Academy, and Qingye Meng, Leader of Weather Forecast Group in ColorfulClouds Tech., will share their professional understanding for intelligent weather forecast, its applications and value.


  • AI-enabled weather forecasting
  • Intelligent weather forecast & air quality forecast
  • Interview with the speakers


  • Xiaohui Zhong

    Algorithm Expert, Alibaba DAMO Academy

    Xiaohui is an Algorithm Expert at the AI Earth team of Alibaba Damo Academy, working on short term weather forecasting. His focus is to apply machine learning and deep learning models to improve traditional physics-based numerical weather prediction models.

  • Qingye Meng

    Team Leader of the Weather Forecast Group, ColorfulClouds Tech.

    Qingye Meng, is the leader of the weather forecast algorithm group at ColorfulClouds Technology. His research primarily focuses on precipitation forecasting, air quality forecasting, and numerical weather prediction post-processing.

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