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ApsaraChat mini series #8: Get your platform ready for Double 11 World's Largest Shopping Festival

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+8:00

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Significant events are critical to all organizations. Such circumstances will lead to a sharp traffic increase of customer's systems, such as business promotion, advertising and marketing, version update, and effective online promotion campaign. Alibaba Cloud services team provides complete services coverage across all cloud products with the relevant technical support to help them maintain business stability during significant events.

In this session, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's proactive services, which helps to increase service availability and efficiency. For that, a SWAT team composed of the most experienced product experts, cloud architects, and support professionals will be working closely with the customer before and throughout to make sure it can be prepared and conducted successfully


  • Get ready for Double 11 with Alibaba Cloud
    -> Overview of Alibaba cloud big event management services, how we provide support to double 11 covering the requirements, risk assessment, planning and overall support structure
  • How do you guarantee your Business Stability during Double 11
    -> Provide general overview of enterprise services plan, different services overview for large enterprise customer, Professional services overview, SLA Overview
  • Customer Full Lifecycle Support with Alibaba Cloud Services
    -> one of the key component to growing customer's business is to understand the customer’s journey as they get to know our business, build affinity for our products and services, and eventually become an advocate for the customer. Over view of Alibaba cloud services which provides value added services to cover whole cusotmer lifecycle
  • Alibaba Cloud TAM: Trusted Advsior for the Customer
    -> Introduction of TAM role how It can help to partner with customer, understanding customer'r requirements, Share best practices, help in overall of value realization between Customer and Alibaba cloud. True advocate of Customer
  • Resource account management best practice
    -> Best practice for individual, group account permission granting and maintenance.


  • Dipendra Sah

    Service Lead, Singapore and South Asia Region

    Dipen works as the service lead of Technical Account Manager(TAM) in Alibaba Cloud. His expertise is to understanding the KA customer’s relevant business challenges while functioning as a trusted advisor for “best practices” and drive further adoption of Alibaba solutions within the assigned account

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