Broadcasted on Aug. 31, 2018

12:15 AM - 1:00 PM UTC+01


  • Asif Khadim Malik

    Asif Malik, Solution Architect

    Asif is a Solution Architect with Alibaba Cloud, responsible for E-commerce and Retail Technology solutions for UKI and Nordics. Previously he has led teams of architects and contributed to technology-related legislation around the world for Telecom and Financial Services. He has over a decade-long experience in the architecture profession advising C-suite clients on IT strategies, programs, and industry trends.


In this webinar, we will deep dive into the benefits Alibaba Cloud offers start-ups that are looking to launch a new product or set of services to market without large capital costs associated to IT and infrastructure hosting. We will run through the different Alibaba Cloud payment models available and the details for obtaining free credit and new upcoming promotional discounts. Other items discussed include an overview of the platforms and products available on our overseas portal and an introduction to our artificial intelligence enabled services. This introductory webinar is for entrepreneurs, technologists, and the wider start-up community. Please join us for this 30-minute introduction of Alibaba Cloud for Start-ups.