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Fintech Online Day Hong Kong 2022 - The Future of Regtech and Digital Assets

Thursday, Jun. 16, 2022 | 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM UTC+8:00

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Welcome to Alibaba Cloud Fintech Online Day Hong Kong 2022 - The future of RegTech and Digital Assets.
Watch now here: https://hk.alibabacloud.com/en/campaign/financialsustainableplatform

An exciting afternoon session showcasing innovation in financial services and you will hear the keynotes from the industry experts on regulatory technology and digital assets.

From the emerging trend in NFT and metaverse with the foundation of web3.0 – blockchain solution, to the innovative financial technology and regulatory challenges, Fintech Online Day Hong Kong 2022 will bring you the best practices of Fintech and Regtech solutions and how Alibaba Cloud Fintech Roadmap helps both traditional financial institutions and Fintechs to adapt to the changes of future.

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  1. Alibaba Cloud Fintech Roadmap 2022
  2. Shaping the future of security compliance for Fintech
  3. Regtech: How to Succeed with Innovative solutions
  4. How Fintech and Regtech can Facilitate Building a New Generation KYC Utility for SME, and its Potential Usage in More Aspects Beyond KYC and Fighting Financial Crime
  5. Market trend: Explore the Digital Assets in the Market
  6. Accelerate Digital Asset Transformation, the Cloud-native Way


  • Garry Sien

    Lead Architect, Global Financial Services Solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

  • Sunny Guan

    Regional Compliance Lead, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

  • SK Lee

    Chief Compliance Officer, RD Wallet Technologies

  • Bosco Fung

    Associate Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

  • Neil Tan

    CEO of Neptune Digital, Co-Chair WealthTech Committee Fintech Association of Hong Kong

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