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2WEB3 Fest Hong Kong 2023

Friday, Mar. 17, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM UTC+8:00

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Imagine the exponential growth of web 3.0 technologies, we can see the essential needs of mass adoption of blockchain, Dapp development, tokenisation, and the metaverse in this era. Join our 2WEB3 FEST Hong Kong 2023, an exciting one day event to brings the enterprises, individuals and start-ups to enter the new world of web3.0, WAGMI!


> Morning Session

  1. Guest of Honor Speech
  2. Welcoming Remarks
  3. Web3.0 Era: Opportunities in Hong Kong
  4. Education empowers Web3.0 Talent
  5. Announcement – Web3.0 MOU Ceremony
  6. Keynote
  7. Keynote
  8. Announcement – Web3.0 MOU Ceremony
  9. Keynote
  10. Panel Discussion: The New Web 3.0 in Hong Kong – 11. Understanding the Virtual Assets Regulations

> Break

> Afternoon Session

  1. Web3.0 on Alibaba Cloud
  2. Panel Discussion: The Web3.0 Technologies Adoption for Enterprise in Reality
  3. Why GameFi in Web3.0
  4. Keynote – Web3.0 Security
  5. Panel Discussion – Security in Web3.0
  6. The Playground on Metaverse
  7. Panel Discussion – The Now & Future in Metaverse & NFT
  8. Panel Discussion – Investing in Web3.0 Startups
  9. Networking Session


  • Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

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