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(Cantonese) Alibaba Cloud Best Practices for VPC Networking Design

Friday, Mar. 22, 2019 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC+8

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Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) gives the customer a comprehensive virtual network that can help you to design and implement your enterprise network on Cloud with many benefits, such as Secure Isolation, Flexibility, and Scalability. This webinar will help you to get more understanding about the high-level VPC design best practices and give guidance for how to build a complex network environment on the Cloud and fulfill enterprise security and operation requirements.


  • Jonathan Peng

    Staff Solution Architect

    Jonathan Peng is a Staff Solution Architect and is leading to many big data and cloud migration projects in Hong Kong. With many years of experience in networking and big data domains. Now, he is helping many enterprises to explore the digital transformation in some key industries, such as logistics, transport, and manufacturing.

  • Kin Yan

    Solutions Architect

    Kin, Yan Tsz Kin, is a Solutions Architect in Alibaba Cloud and is specialized in Financial Service Sector. With over ten years of experience in working as an SI Specialist, Technical Lead, Technical Account Manager, Cybersecurity Consultant, and Cybersecurity Lead, he understands and addresses network security concern of FSI in the process of Cloud adoption.

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