Broadcasted on Mar. 29, 2019

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC-10


  • Yohai Einav

    Principal researcher and security evangelist at Alibaba Cloud

    With many years in the Cybersecurity field, currently, Mr. Einav’s research focus is the economy of cybercrime and data-driven threat detection.

  • Anastasia Poliakova

    Sr. Security Engineer at Alibaba Cloud

    Anastasia Poliakova is Sr. Security Engineer at Alibaba Cloud working on malware detection and analysis using AI technologies. Before joining Alibaba she worked at Venafi, focusing on application security for cryptographic key and certificates management software.


If 2017 was the Year of Ransomware, then 2018 was the Year of Crypto-Mining. Although cryptocurrency value depreciated after a boom period, mining was still the most popular method for hackers to monetize their skills and assets. With the commoditization of cryptocurrency miners, more and more 0-day and N-day vulnerabilities were exploited for mining, while inadequately configured applications running on cloud servers became a prime target for mining activities.

In today’s webinar Alibaba Cloud security experts will go over the malicious crypto-mining trends from 2018, discuss the typical behaviors of a crypto-miner, and provide a detailed overview of the top crypto-miners of the year, including DDG, Bulehero, JbossMiner and others.