Broadcasted on May. 14, 2019

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC-08


  • Hao Lin

    Head Of Channel And Strategic Initiative

    Hao Lin is a unique technical sales executive for Alibaba Cloud. Hao is a Sales Ninja for the entire Cloud Computing Stack, with deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Big Data/Analytics, Infrastructure, Security. Hao also has a strong business acumen with sophisticated technical aptitude with the utmost ethical standards and advocate for customers’ success working almost 15 years in the industry.

  • Drew Bixby

    Senior Director Of Operations -- DoubleHorn Cloud Solutions

    Drew Bixby directs where the product is going to the company and why for DoubleHorn Cloud Solutions. Among the variety of daily tasks, he guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind. He ensures everyone understands what we build and why.


If your organization is considering adopting a multi-cloud strategy, then you know that it can be challenging to compare which services are available from each cloud provider especially since there are thousands of cloud services.

You could expend a great effort to ensure these cloud providers offer the same services as their competition, but having a service and having a service with parity are different considerations. It might be difficult to see the differences, but some of these differences could significantly impact your decision to choose a provider’s service.

Leave this webinar with an appreciation that not all services are created equal.

In this webinar, we will compare:

Object Storage
Relational Database Services
DDOS Protection
Big Data Processing
Image Search